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May 29, 2013 at 02:16 PM

Few Queries about solman


Hello Guys,

I have just installed solman 7.1 SR1, currently it is at sps4 just after the installation. I have few queries about Solution manager, while i am doing post installation task:

1. Is there any special procedure while applying kernel upgrade in solution manager, since this is dual stack i.e ABAP+Java, so may be for Java, need to apply new kernel there as well, but in which directory and how?

2. I would like to update sps to latest available stack i.e 8, then how to calculate those and from where we can download, since solman is not configured to use mopz? Is there any special procedure and dependency while applying SPS to newly installed system? I'll use SUM to update the whole stack.

3. Another doubt is, what is the use of will interoscope? Will it install by its own when when we install SOLMAN or we need to install it seperately? Actually i was just checking support pack stacks for solman at SAP portal, where willy introscope sps is also given in the list and it seems, that is mandatory to download and update it, being the part of stack, is that so?

Expert comments are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help.