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May 29, 2013 at 11:58 AM

Visual Composer 7.3 SPS 09 and Internet Explorer 10


Dear SAP members,

About two weeks ago we upgraded our version of VC due to a bug in a previous one. We went from 7.3 SPS 4 to SPS 9. I checked the functionality of all the models and everything that is in the picture when using VC.

I had some small difficulties but via some re-modeling I seemed able to overcome the problems. Here we were running on Internet Explorer 8.

Now since Monday, I am also included in the test users for the new version of Internet Explorer, being version 10.

Now I noticed that I am facing some problems with this version and Visual Composer.

1) Sometimes I receive a message that my workspace could not be accessed because the model index is bad or missing. If I press 'Ok' then, no models are present. This error seems to disappear when I delete my cookies + browser history.

I will add a screenshot if the error occurs again.

2) When performing some actions like opening a operators, saving a model, etc.. I continually get messages stating that 'An error has occurred in the script on the page' and if I would like the script to keep on running or not. These can be skipped by pressing yes. Per actions, a variable number of messages are displayed, mostly going from 4-6. An example:

3) Another problem exists with the tables used in the models. Here, issue number 2 does not occur but when I try to open a table to select values/put in some functions or whatever, I cannot. For tables that I previously filled I only see a blank space and I am unable to do anything. For new tables (like in the screenshot) I only see a grayed out field and again, I am unable to perform any action.

Is there any fix for this or not? I am also absolutely sure that this only arises in IE10 as I retested it on another computer with IE8 and there everything worked, no warning messages, etc.

This is important because it will determine the success of IE 10 or keep working with the older version, IE8.

Many many thanks beforehand!

Kind regards,