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May 29, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Automatic rounding off happening for derived flows


Hello Experts

For calculating brokerage on transaction, we created one derived flow as ZBRO in SPRO --> Financial Supply Chain Management --> Treasury and Risk Management --> Transaction Manager --> Listed Derivatives --> Transaction Management --> Flow Types --> Derived Flows --> Define Derivation Procedures and Rules. I maintained 1% in the derived flow.

In that there is one option of Rounding rule. We get drop down for that rounding rule if we define rounding rule in next node. Since we do not want to roundoff, we didn't defined rounding rule. Hence it is kept blank while defining "Derivation procedures and rules"

But when I posted FTR_CREATE, I entered 7 Units * Rs.1456 per unit. Contract value comes to Rs. 10192. Based on derived flow definition, system is calculating correctly as 10192 *1% which comes to Rs.101.92. But its gets rounded off to Rs.102.

I want to know, why system is rounding off to Rs.102 even though rounding rule does not exist. Please let me know what could be the reason. Is there any setting at company code level or business partner master or at any other place.