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May 29, 2013 at 08:50 AM

SNP TLB - Priority in case of multiple means of Transport


Dear All

I am working on SCM 7.0 SNP-

We are performing the following activities:

1. Heuristic Run

2. Deployment

3.Trasport Load Builder (TLB)

We have 2 Means of Transport specified in all T-Lanes. They are simply 2 Trucks with different capacities (15 / 21 MT), hence Transportation Dist/Time is same for both. I have maintained TLB profiles for both MOTs accordingly.

After Heuristic & Deployment Run, while making truck loads, TLB selects only the 1st MOT (21 MT).

PROBLEM: I want TLB to first make loads with 21MT Truck, and if receipts aren't enough, then only make loads with 15MT.

Have tried specifying prioroty / cost in TSP Strategy. To use TSP - it is mandatory to maintain TSP in APO (which our org isnt following).