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May 29, 2013 at 07:43 AM

Training and Event Management


Hello Experts,

I've been asked to sniff around TEM in order to develop a better understanding, so I can pitch it to my boss and potentially one of our biggest accounts.

They've been tracking 500+ training seminars, rooms, instructors and other resources in 5 different Excel files (filled with a multitude of worksheets) that all look like some strange wallpaper from the 1970'S.

On to the background to my question. I've read a bit about how to use TEM. I've had no problems with the hierarchies, resources, etc. but I've hit a brick wall when trying to book attendees. Our customer would be using already existing employees from the HCM module (internal- Person (P) ). I can book an external person, for an event without problem. But when I try to book an internal person, I get the error message: 'HRTNM_MSG093 Training needs has not been filled. Booking is cancelled for **insert name of internal person**.' [see screenshots, apologies for not having signed on in EN ;-) ]

And my question(s)...

is it possible to disable the check for the 'training needs' of an internal person?

- I've also been snooping around customizing tables trying to disable this check, but to no avail.

or is it possible to quickly and efficiently create said 'training needs' for internal people?

- this solution would best be blanket implemented, as we would have to correct the situation for 900+ people

or is this just a result of working in the IDES, with pre-packaged data, in which case I could expect that in our customer's system, this problem wouldn't even come up?

Thanks in advance.

I'm new on this forum, but if I can figure out how, I'd be happy to award points for helpful answers!!

Greetings from Germany,



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