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May 29, 2013 at 05:02 AM

Getting Negative Values for 0TOTALSTK (Closing Stock) for Few Materials.


Hi ,

I just Want a Help Regarding Closing Stock Related Issue.

My Issue is I have Developed Infocube 0IC_C03 in BI

with Data Source 2lis_03_bf ,2lis_03_bx, 2lis_03_um.

i have Configured 0totalstk (Quantity Total Stock) Field as non Cummulative Value

Under Aggregation tab it is Configured as Aggregation As SUM Exception

Aggregate as LAST VALUE.

Cummulative / Non Cummulative Values it is selected Non Cummulative with in - out-flow

Inflow with Field 0RECTOTSTK (Receipt Quantity Total Stock).

Outflow with field 0ISSTOTSTCK (Issue Quantity Total Stock).

I took Down Time Deleted the Setup Table For Inventory

and Loaded Data for 2lis_03_bx,2lis_03_bf, 2lis_03_um

and Extracted it to SAP BI using Init Then first Loaded

the Data for 2lis_03_bx in Infocube and compressed

the req with no marker update(uncheck).

Loaded the Data for 2lis_03_bf into infocube and Compressed

The Request with no marker update (with Check Mark).

Loaded Data for 2lis_03_um in infocube and Compressed

he Request with no marker update (with Check Mark).

I got Data for Closing Stock Correctly Configured Infopackage for

2lis_03_bf and 2lis_03_um in Delta Mode and daily it is loading

the data for 2lis_03_bf and 2lis_03_um into infocube After 15 days

i am get Negative Values for 0TOTALSTK (TOTAL QUANTITY STOCK) Few Materials in Report.

i Loaded the Initial Data for these Data source on 15th April 2013 when i run the report

for Dated Before 15th April 2013 the Data for Closing Stock is Coming fine.

When i Run The Report After 15th of April 2013 for Few Materials I am getting Negative

Values.Please Give me The Solution to Resolve This issue and will Assign good Points.