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May 29, 2013 at 12:51 AM

2nd evdre not submitting data on data send


Good Evening Everyone,

I am working on a client on SAP BPC 7.5.108 Microsoft. I have a 2 evdre input template for a payroll application. In the second evdre I have a formula that pulls the department and business unit from the drop down selection box in the first evdre. I am having an issue with the data submission. When I select the department and business unit the row key is populated in the 2nd evdre with my selections. I hit submit and the data is submitted to transfer the employee data to the newly selected department and business unit. However when I go back to the first evdre to reverse the transfer I select the same department and row keys to populate the 2nd evdre row keys and the data that was originally submitted should zero out and send the zero's to the DB. But when I hit the send data button the zeroes do not submit and the data is still showing up in the columns that should be zeroed out. I created a check report and ran it for the 2nd evdre row and column keys to check the data and it is still showing up where it should have zeroed out. I get the successful submission message so I am not sure why it's not submitting. Does anyone have any idea on how I can make this work? Any help will be appreciated.