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May 28, 2013 at 09:48 PM

Several questions-PFCG roles, non-SAP web apps, NWBC 4.0 for HTML



I have several questions and appreciate all input.

1. Can UI/Navigation elements be maintained in separate PFCG roles vs authorizations?

2. I believe non-SAP web applications CAN BE launched from within NWBC and am looking for confirmation.

3. When migrating a company from SAPGUI to NWBC, are there any network or CPU load concerns that should be addressed, http parameters in Abap (smicm) that need to be adjusted? We are talking about migrating a large installed base of users (over 10,000).

4. Is it true that NWBC 4.0 for HTML will only be available from NW7.4 onwards.

5. Are there advantages/disadvantages of using NWBC Desktop over NWBC Web Client or vice-versa?

Thank you,