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May 28, 2013 at 05:47 PM

Process schema not found terminates the session


We use process controlled workflow. For a shopping cart if the user does not enter the price on a line item and select "Check" button then they get
the termination message "Process schema not found"in a popup message box and upon selecting "close" in the popup screen, the session is

terminated. This is causing problem because the users are not given a chance to correct the cause of the error. Can this termination be

converted to an error message in screen so that the user can correct the mistake and process the same cart?

The process schema determination is based on the price, so i understand why the "Process schema not found" message is coming however can the system issue a error message instead of a termination of the entire transaction. This causes the user to loose all data due to termination.

The Access function module to determine the process schema is /SAPSRM/WF_BRF_0EXP000, If the total value is 0 then, the return parameter

EV_VALUE cannot be set and if you set or not set the parameter EV_DATA_MISSING the termination is occurs when the check button is pressed.

The termination occurs only on action button "save" "check" "order" and "approval process overview" Tab. I could navigate between other tab and the error does not occur even though the EV_VALUE is not set?

Can this termination be converted to an error message in screen?

Thank you