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May 28, 2013 at 04:39 PM

Planning Strategy 60 -- PIR of planning material is not consumed



Consider this scenario:

We have two materials: MPL and MPA (both belonging to plant 1000) where MPA is the material for actual production which has MPL as planning material. The material master settings are as follow:


MRP type: PD; Strategy: 60; Consumption Mode: 2; Fwd & Bwd Consumption period: 30 days;

Planning material, planning plant, planning conversion factor -- all are blank.

Item Category group: NORM


MRP type: PD; Strategy: 60; Consumption mode, Fwd & Bwd Consumption period: blank

Planning material: MPL; planning plant: 1000; planning conversion factor:1

Item Category group: NORM

Now we follow the following steps:

a. Create the PIR of the material MPL and run MRP for it. The PIR date is 10.06.2013. An unconvertible planned order for MPL is generated.

b. Create sales order for MPA. Date of the sales order is 10.06.2013.

Now ideally, once we create the sales order for MPA, the availability check should consider the PIR of MPL. However this does not happen.

After sales order creation, we do an MRP run. Planned order gets generated for MPA; but still the PIR of MPL does not get reduced.

Am I missing here something? What can be the possible reason for the PIR of MPL not getting consumed?

Thanks in advance!