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May 28, 2013 at 03:17 PM

View stock warehouses x branches - warehouse per branch



I need some answers about this case descripted below:

I owned a enterprise with 4 active branches. While the process of purchasing, finance and accounting to be integrated logistic process of the goods after their entry in the stocks (warehouses) of each branch is not shared. That is, each branch has its inventories and no branch can view the inventory of another branch or matrix, and so in combination. Means that each branch has its warehouses and the users allocated in a branch does not display the amount of goods stored in another branch or matrix.In addition users can not move stocks of subsidiaries which do not belong, can not view the stocks of these branches.

I work with individual warehouses per item. Not all items be worked in all warehouses. During the fill of Inventory Item Master Data I add the created item warehouses in which he will circulate. However, the only way to shield the warehouses found was a doubling of the items. Create a item for each branch hide the display of inventory between branches, but infringe the fiscal process of Brazilian law, which states that I can not have the same items registered more than once in the same database.

I wonder if there is some setting so that the user can not see the stock of warehouses of branches that he has not authorized.