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May 28, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Livecache log area full. Delete log disk volume required


Hi All,

We have recently faced a problem in SCM system. The log area became 100% full. The log file size was 2000 MB and it reached that state.

For immediate help to SCM team; we added one more log disk volume and they could work.

But the main issue was the filesystem usage under /sapdb. We tried running the log backup so that the usage of log area is reduced. This was a non production system; so space addition to filesystem was not approved. We need to clear some space. But could not find any other big files to be cleared.

Now we need to delete the first log area file which was full. But could not find delete file option in MaxDB or in LC10.

As stated; its a non production and we do not care about backup of the old log file.

Please advise whether I can just go at OS level and delete the volume1 file. It will be fine or it can create any issues in reading and writing the log volume file2.