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May 28, 2013 at 01:26 PM

What cause error executing the query in CLV


Hi there,

Need help;(

Recently, we applied Rev.56.

(Old revision is 49)

After applied, we got following message.

"Error executing the query

Cannot iterate over result set rows:SAP DBTech JDBC:[2048]:column store error:[2048]

(View name):line 50 col 2(at pos 1774):GenericFailure exception:column store error:

search table error:[6990]:Error executing physical plan:exception 6900:


Attribute engine failed :$function$=run;$message$=interval ckftype found_EX07xff08687ead0

string,in executor::Executor in cube:

(View name)Please check lines :556,

This view is created CE function.

Does anyone have any idea?

Kind Regards,

Tomoko Seki