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May 28, 2013 at 12:53 PM

PI 7.0 EhP2 - multiple ID objects under same name


Hello experts,

I'm facing a strange behavior of a PI 7.0 EhP2 server (XD2) and would like your opinion on how to solve it.

We have 2 different systems in this same box (GRC NFe - client 100, and the PI itself - client 001).

XD2 box is a copy of another server (PID) with same structure (GRC 100 and PI 001).

Basis team needed to change the XD2 GRC NFe business system name after the client copy, from PID_100 to XD2_100.

Now, working on new environment XD2, when I imported XD2_100 from SLD to ID, it appears duplicated and the existing objects were also multiplicated.

Also, the other existing objects (parties and their business services) were affected:

When I try to remove a repeated object, it takes all the other copies of the same object away at same time and when importing/creating it again, all others come again.

As we had to set some routing rules in receiver determinations, the muliple objects make the rule be attended more than once, and therefore we fall into No Receiver Could Be Determined error.

Does anyone have any sugestion on how to solve this or where to check?

Tks a lot guys!

Rafael Vieira.


multip_BSs.JPG (46.7 kB)