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May 28, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Manual inspection lot creation from blocked stock


Dear QM Experts,

I'm having same status profile in Q-Info Record for all raw materials in my system. But I have noticed different behaviors in those materials when GR. Some materials are allowing post GR even though there are quality lots without UD (May be more than one). I have not maintained release quantity in info records.

I have checked "Inspection Lot No. in QINF for Current Status" in status tab of Q-Info record of one material. It is showing an old QM inspection lot which is not the latest one. (status LITN, SITC, SPCO, CROK, STUP) For this material MM user is able to post GR irrespective of the QM inspection lot. We need to avoid this.

How to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.