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May 28, 2013 at 09:33 AM

Has my post been deleted, and if so, why?


Perhaps it's just hard to find; this website is unusually difficult to navigate compared to others.

Yesterday I posted a message beginning "Please drop the CURRENTLY BEING MODERATED delay from the SQL Anywhere community." at...

Contact Us - Visit SCN Support - System and Error Messages

There already was a posting there, congratulating Jason on a job well done with the doc, so I assumed it was ok to post there. I know there are strict rules about where to post what kind of messages... I've been yelled at before ("no questions on blogs!") and I'm trying hard not to be a troublemaker.

Today, however, neither the original post nor my new post is there... has discussion of SCN policies been suppressed? Is SCN an actual internet community, or is innovation not welcome at SAP?

I really don't know the answers to those questions... although I have 30+ years of experience as a software development professional, I'm a newbie at SCN. I find HANA very interesting, and I am actively working on using MobiLink between SQL Anywhere and HANA on CloudShare... BUT, situations like this are discouraging.

Today, in apparent response to my posting, I received an email from "Jason Lax noreply at sapnetworkmail dot com" which contained no body, just a copy-and-paste of the "Common System Messages" page on SCN.

In the world of professional consulting that activity is known as "Reading the Help to the Client"... yes, it is an insult, but it is usually repeated behind closed doors, not thrown in the face of the client.

Anyway, for the record, I am pasting the disappeared posting below.


[originally posted 2013-05-26]

Please drop the CURRENTLY BEING MODERATED delay from the SQL Anywhere community. It is extremely insulting to both experienced and novice users... a novice user of this community may (and often is) a SQL Anywhere computing professional with more years of experience than most moderators, and to have to wait to see a reply posted is exasperating.

In the case of a critical question, artificially delaying an answer because of a rule like this is just terrible, and possibly damaging... certainly damaging to SAP's reputation in the world of professional developers.

For many years, members of the SQL Anywhere online community have prided themselves on quick responses to questions, and now there is an artificial delay destroying that reputation. THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE MODERATOR... he has better things to do than be a bureaucratic box-checker.

I don't care what you do with other communities, I will let their members speak for themselves... but as an active contributor to the SQL Anywhere online community for many years, and the founder of the original SQL Anywhere Q&A website (which migrated to I can say without doubt that the CURRENTLY BEING MODERATED delay is a complete waste of time for both the victims and for the moderators.

We have lived for decades without pro-active moderation of the CompuServe forums, the NNTP newsgroups and now the HTTP website. Very occasionally a posting and even a user must be removed, but only after-the fact.

There never has been, and there is not now, any need for pro-active moderation of the SQL Anywhere community... but there are very real reasons to stop it, so please... do that... stop it now.