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May 27, 2013 at 09:30 PM

Questions abour MR11


Good Afternoon!

I have some doubts about MR11,we normally use this transaction to close GRIR items when they are not going to be used. Weeks later an invoice for that provision arrives, and when person in AP team, gets the invoice, he posts the invoice using the PO, that was closed with MR11, weeks ago. We don't know the reason why this happens. Can someone explain why this situatin happens? When we realize that in a GRIR accoun there is an invoice with no GR, we proceed to reverse the invoice, but using MR8M transaction, which affects GRIR account, but we are not sure if this procedure its OK, since then we have a item that we cannot clear, ant its has to be posted an addicional item in order to clean the GRIR account and the expense account that was affected when the invoice was posted without GR.

Can someone help us with this question?