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May 27, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Error while updating APC Values in AS82


Dear All,

I am doing Asset Sale with Transaction Code F-92 (Transaction Type 210) , system is throwing the below error :

Error 1

Posting with trans.type 210 not possible (No acquisition posted)

Message no. AA324


Transaction type 210 belongs to a transaction type group, which can only be used to post to assets to which posting has already been performed. However, no postings have been made to this asset.


Use a transaction type from a transaction type group, which can be used for the first acquisition to an asset.

I came to know that Acquisition Value and Accumulated Depreciation were not there in Depreciation Area 15 - Tax Depreciation for Group Assets.

Asset Transfer Date is 31.03.2007

Error 2

Closed fiscal year does not agree with legacy data transfer date

Message no. AC199


The closed fiscal year 2011 does not agree with transfer date 31.03.2007.

* If you wish to carry out a transfer within the fiscal year, the date of the legacy data transfer has to be in the year following the closed fiscal year.

Example: Transfer date July 1, 1993; closed fiscal year 1992

In any other cases the transfer date has to be the last day of the last closed fiscal year.

Example: Transfer date December 31, 1993; closed fiscal year 1993


Correct your entry.

Can anyone help me how to solve this issue, it is very urgent for year end closing.

Thanks & Regards