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May 27, 2013 at 01:12 PM

Price control s and fifo valuation


Dear All,

we have material type ROH & VERP, though the price control is at standard ‘S’ .we also purchase these materials along with producing here in plant and the Materials code is same. For such purchased materials, we need to calculate the FIFO though price control in at standard.

FIfo valuation is coming wrong for these materials..we are thinking to correct these materials fifo valuation by split valuation.but for split valuation also we need to maitain price control 'v' first then we can extend it to price control 's' by valuation type.

there is also stock avaliable in the existing materials which is also a constraint for split valuation.

please help me how can i correct fifo valuation for these existing materials which has price control 's'.

Shall i raise oss for the issue?