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May 27, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Best Practice for keeping track of former event



in my scenario I am dealing with database events on HANA: If a database record is insert some logic shall be applied on that row and shall be written to another database table within HANA. The tricky thing is that the applied logic is based on what has already been inserted (e.g. insert the new record only if this has not been done before). This is somehow a replication task. But on last SAP TechEd, ESP has been named as one of the replication tools for HANA!!

Right now, I do not know how to solve this problem in a very efficient way. Using streams will not work as anytime the ESP will be re-started all data gets replicated again and duplicates the data on the target HANA tables ;-( Using windows (in combination with file store) does also not solve the issue, as the HANA tables are containing too much data. Therefore I created an additional HANA table to maintain a status flag of the records which have been replicated and wrote a JDBC library that looks for replicated rows and insert a flag to the ones that been replicated. My JAVA code works fine in a standalone program, but crashes the ESP server...

Before looking deeper into the crashing problem, I thought I would post a discussion and see whether there are other (better) approaches of keeping track on previously handled events. Any examples or suggestions?

Thanks and Best Regards.