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May 27, 2013 at 04:23 AM

Container based App VS HTML5 App


Hi ,

We donot want to use Hybrid Web container , but want to develop OData based Hybird app on SUP 2.2 . The development flow for may apps will be :

  1. Add the <SUP_HOME>\UnwiredPlatform \MobileSDK<version>\HybridApp\API\Containers\datajs-1.0.3.js to my Hybrid App.
  2. Create a Hybrid App user interface with Phonegap UI framework.
  3. Use the Datajs library for create, read, update, and delete operations to the OData or HTTP end point and bind it to the UI.
  4. Use the packaging tool to generate the manifest.xml file and Hybrid App ZIP package.
  5. Use the Deploy Wizard in Sybase Control Center to deploy the Hybrid App ZIP file.

So my questions are:

a)Do I need to access this app using HWC only , or is there any other way to access this deployed app.I am not using any MBO , just calling OData service.

b) Is the development approach possible , as stated above. Can someone please send me any blogs on it.

c)What are the benefits of using container rather than developing HTML5 app

d)Do I need any webservers like Apache or tomcat for approach stated above?

e)Can i use Relay server as my proxy in case i donot use HWC.