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May 26, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Catch freestyle event in fpm


Hi Friends,

is it possible to catch a freestyle event in Floorplan manager?

The reason is.

I have a list UIBB with toolbar. But I need an additional toolbar with input fields etc.

For this I created a webdynpro component with toolbar and bound this to a composite UIBB.

And when I press a button, I want to stop the floorplan manager in the get_data method.

Or is it possible to create another toolbar in list UIBB? I could use the default toolbar shema, but there is no input field.

What I actually want, is one toolbar for several UIBB's with input field etc and one for each single UIBB.

Any Ideas?

Thanks very much.

Rg. Joerg