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May 26, 2013 at 11:59 PM

Notification Not Sent in Agent's SAP Business Workplace


Hi Workflow Gurus,

Need your assistance in determining as to why the agent's determined by workflow WS10000051 (FIN release of parked documents) do not receive the needed work items in their SAP business workplace in boxes. As per configuration, the possible agent's are determined via the assignment of positions; from which the users are determined. These users are successfully determined by the workflow; however, it is observed that only 1 agent receives notification items in their SBWP inbox.

If I retrigger the event, the notifications are received by all the determined agents.

If possible, can you provide me direction where to start.the investigation. We have data already ready for replication of the issue, but I do not know where to start (i.e. which function module / method to debug, should I attack the object related to the workflow or if I need to look into something else as the agents are correctly determined, etc)

Additional information are as follows:

Object Type (WF) = FIPP

Event (WF) = CREATED

Your valued inputs are most welcome