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May 25, 2013 at 01:38 PM

Regarding Free goods


Hi SAP Gurus

Hope all doing well

I got a issue in one process with free goods but not able to resolve it can anyone help ?

the scenario is the company give 1 free item for every 10 item for the customer this i can give in free goods but

they want to give free item even if customer order the total of 10 items in three different order in three different days

Like 1st of may customer order 2 item

10 may he order 2 item

30 may he order 4 item

10 june if he order 2 item total item order is 10 so i have to give 1 item free in the final order

was thinking abt rebate but they dont want to give any cash only item they want to give so any help r suggestion will be helpful thanks 😊