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May 24, 2013 at 09:41 PM

Parameter Capturing in CR 2008


Hi experts,

I am using crystal report 2008 and backend database is sql server 2008.

I created a report based on a stored procedure which has a single parameter. For example @ID =?

I am using a view to give the list of value to this stored procedure for example:

{View I am using}

ID Request Details

1 Submission to customers

2 request for business

3 request in process

4 request pending

… ……….

I am using the ID field of view to give the list of values to the @ID parameter of SP.

And I am using the Request Details Field of the view as the description of the List of values.

So when the user runs the report it only shows the description in the list of values to the user which makes it easier for them for auditing purpose.

Is there any way that I can capture the description (Request Details) selected from the list of values on my report.

I know that I can capture the ID field but I want to show the description (Request Details) field on the report as well. Because if there is no data for the selected ID then it leave my report blank. If I can capture the description then I can show them the values they selected from parameters.

Will appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.