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Jan 10, 2017 at 10:32 AM

SAP Dataservices upgrade from 4.2 SP5 to 4.2 SP8 (ABAP Dataflows)


Hi ,I'm planning to upgrade dataservices from 4.2 SP5 to 4.2 SP8.

We use SAP Applications and also ABAP Dataflows (Execute Preloaded) for our ETLs. My Question here is ,is it mandatory to re-generate all the ABAPs after the upgrade?

As per the upgrade guide

"3.3.1 Update SAP transport files and SAP authorizations For SAP application users only. SAP application users must update the SAP -supplied transport files and update the SAP authorizations to the 4.2 SP8 version. If you have ABAP data flows that run in Execute Preloaded mode, you need to regenerate and upload the ABAP again."