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May 24, 2013 at 02:24 PM

SU25 - Step2B Result clarification needed



We are upgrading from ECC 6.0 to ECC6 EHP6 SP7. Can anyone tell me what logic is being used to come up with SU25-STEP2B Result ? I would like to know what table comparison I can do to find out same result.

We are trying to find out what tcode should be tested based on result what I am getting from SAP and why.

We have done following:

1) Compared USOBT_C before and after upgrade and found the delta what object being removed and add for Proposal.

2) Compared USOBX_C before and After upgrade and found the delta what objects added new for CHECK indicator.

Dilemma here SAP shown STEP2B tcodes do not match with my comparision above and there are good amount of tcodes which does not result from my analysis above shows in STEP2B result. I need to find out what SAP is providing the result in Step2B and using what logic and which tables contains those info.

Any input is greatly appreciated.