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May 24, 2013 at 01:20 PM

Checking the maintenance budget at the time of maintenance order creation / planning.


We are creating maintenance order where planned costs are being captured as required. WBS Element is being using for controlling budget in the maintenance orders. We are using WBS element and assigning it to several Maintenance orders (group of orders).

The availability control is blocking the creation of maintenance order if the planned cost of the order exceeds the budget assigned to the WBS element.

However, the client requirement is that budget control should happen at the time of goods issue.

Eg: A WBS element (WBS1) is created and budget of Rs 30000 is assigned to it.

If a maintenance order is created with planned cost = 35000, the system is not allowing it be created. This, I understand is the standard behavior of the system. However the client requirement is that planning should be allowed beyond 30000 but goods issue (actuals) should not be allowed.

Please guide.