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May 24, 2013 at 10:52 AM

Issue due to opening of same BPM task in multiple windows


Hi Experts,

We have an issue with BPM. We are working on WDJ, MDM(7.1 SP6) and BPM in CE7.2 Environment.

When requester initiates / triggers a BPM, the task goes to approver’s UWL. When approver clicks on the task from UWL, it opens in a new window. Sometimes, the approver opens the same task twice in two windows by clicking the task twice from UWL. We wrote some business logic (modification of records in MDM) before calling the event to complete task. When approver submits / clicks the button from the one of the window, that business logic is executed and it calls the task completion event and displays the message “Task has been successfully completed” and the task goes to next level of approver. Now, when the approver submits / clicks the same task which is opened in the other window, the same business logic which is executed earlier is executing again and when it reaches the task completion event it is displaying “Task is closed; it has already been completed or cancelled” message. Due to this, the business logic gets executed twice and we are facing data inconsistency issue in MDM because of that.

Is there any way by which we can restrict a user to open a BPM task from UWL in only one window?