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Former Member
May 24, 2013 at 08:06 AM

Grand Total not working with subtotal


Hi all,

I have a report in excel interface that I need to add both subtotal and grand total.Subtotal works fine with the method we use in member sorting and grouping section.It adds a formula =SUBTOTAL(9;IC5:C200)..... etc to the appropriate rows as requiered.However, When I create a local member : =SUM(EPMSELECTEDMEMBERS(EMPLOYEE)) , it adds a row at the end of the last employee(for grand total) and writes the formula SUM(C5:C967) as required,too.But this excel formula returns 0 although there are many numbers between the cell C5 and C967.

I also tried to add the grand total by the same method that I used for subtotals for another dimension.It did not work either.It again add the formula correctly but the excel formula does not sum the cells.