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May 24, 2013 at 06:46 AM

DBACOCKPIT: Scheduled actions go "red" after execution


Hello all,

I've setup the database and log dumps in accordance with SAP note 1588316 (using dump configurations).

In the DBACOCKPIT job scheduler, I've created several SQL Script jobs, containing these commands:

Database backup:

dump database master using config = 'XMD_DB'


dump database sybmgmtdb using config = 'XMD_DB'


dump database saptools using config = 'XMD_DB'


dump database XMD using config = 'XMD_DB'


Log Backup:

dump transaction XMD using config = 'XMD_LOG'


Before execution, these jobs are visible in the job calendar as jobs with text "SQL_SCRIPT". After execution the text changes to "2 actions" and the status goes red. The jobs however, are executed successfully as the dumpfiles have been created in the specified location.

When I select the executed job, I can see the two actions it now seems to consists off:

Action 1: This is the original command as stated above. This action has status "scheduling failed", although it has been executed.

Action 2: This is the output of the dump command. This action has status "finished successfully".

What is the reason why these jobs are split in two and are marked red and not green? Note 1558958 has been implemented in the latest version, so the DBACOCKPIT should be up-to-date.

Kindest regards, Wilbert