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Former Member
May 23, 2013 at 11:53 PM

Check management issues


Hi There,

I have 2 issues:

1. There was a mistake in the Cheque and the payment. User, instead of doing FCH8 (Void check and reverse payment details), accidently used T-Code: FCH9, to just void the check. So, now, FBL1N for the vendor shows as still Processed, whereas we need to reverse the payment document as well.

How to achieve this?

2. A cheque that has been issued in the previous period has been lost.

We now need to void the cheque and reverse the payment as well in the current period.

a. How do we achieve this if we are cancel the check and reverse the payment in the cuirrent period?

b. How do we achieve this if we are to only void the cheque in the current period?

Your answers are much appreciated.