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Former Member
May 23, 2013 at 09:24 AM

VA01 - user exit to calculate a z field before prize determination


Hello Sap experts,

I need to calculate a Z field that depends on kwmeng but I need to calculate it before prizes determination.

I have 2 situations: when the user changes the kwmeng of an existent line ( i am using mv45AFZB->USEREXIT_NEW_PRICING_VBAP where i calculate the value of that z field and I set new_pricing to 'C' and it works fine) and when a new line is added. To solve the second situation I used the user exit MV45AFZZ->userexit_move_field_to_vbap because it is called after i enter a new line with material and kwmeng. The problem that i have is that vbap-kwmeng is initial on that user exit, so I found user exit mv45AFZB->USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP where vbap-kwmeng is setted but i have the problem that on that user exit the prize determination was executed and it uses the old z value. So, i think about the next possibilities: Find a global structure on the user exit MV45AFZZ->userexit_move_field_to_vbap that has the value of kwmeng that the user enter, find a user exit that is executed when you add a new line where the vbap-kwmeng is setted an before the prize determination or find a way to force the prize determination from user exit mv45AFZB->USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP.

Thanks for your help!