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May 23, 2013 at 08:24 AM

Down payment to vendor against Capital PO



As per requirement, while doing downpayment to vendor against Capital PO/RM, they want PO link to down payment.

if we use Po no at the time down payment (F-48) , Down payment Amount will be update autoamaticlly in PO status.

it is working fine for Ram material & store material PO

Same as ,if we do the downpayment against capital PO, System requie the following configuration and generates Accounting entry.

I .Configuration steps

  1. 1.Allow Down Payment TransactionTypes in Asset Classes(OAYB)

Here we assign asset class for Trans.Type grp. 15 Down payment

2. Assignment for accounts(Ao90)

Acquisition: down payments xxxAuc Asset A/C

Down-payments clearing account xxxxInterim clearing A/C

F-48 the following entry will generate( Down payment against Capital PO)

Vendor Account DR 50000

To Bank Account CR 50000

xxxAuc Asset A/C DR 50000

xxxxInterim clearing A/C Cr 50000

Now My client is asking , please disallow the Accounting entry for asset booking while booking downpayment against Asset Po.

can any one help this pls how to disallow it ?

With regards

G Chandrababu