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May 23, 2013 at 06:20 AM

FPN settings when using Loadbalancer


Hello Experts,

I have few queries around the settings which requires to be configured in mysystem settings and remote system system when creating FPN connection.Portal isr unning on NW7.3

Earlier we configured FPN with internal names and Port 50000 and 50004 for RMI,and FPN was working,Now we have a loadbalancer and the url for consumer and producer portal are changed and does not include port.

should i create connection with the new urls generated from LB ,Please note this is third party LB.

I tried creating the connection with LB Producer and consumer Portal urls but stuck at point where i need to prove the Port ,tried with 50000 and 50004 but than connection tests failed ,is it the right procedure which i am doing.

What should be the urls for Portal Producer and consumer in fpn settings when using third party load balancer.

Any help suggestion would be most welcome.