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May 23, 2013 at 01:42 AM

SAP B1 Report Selection criteria presentation


I have created a crystal report for bank reconciliation. One parameter is the account code for which the OACT table field OACT.FormatCode is used as the parameter value. Originally the parameter was shown as Prompt with description Only - True. The parameter appeared in SAP as

Account Code Bank Number 1

I changed the report to Prompt with description Only - False. The parameter appeared in SAP as

Account Code 0000001234 - Bank Number 1

I now need to change the displayed information back to the original form, but nothing seems to work. The report has been changed back to the original, I have tried deleting the report from SAP, logging out then logging back in, then reloading the report, but it seems once a format for a field has been changed SAP retains that format forever.

Can anyone please help me. This information must be stored in a table, but I have been unable to find it anywhere.