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May 23, 2013 at 12:34 AM

Please help ... DBUNLOAD not working


We just have a heck of a time with WIN2003 and a certain error.

This message appearing during DBUNLOAD from the DOS prompt or run from our application:

The database server was unable to start the database since the database version is newer than the server version. The server must be upgraded to at least the version of the database to be able to start the database.

We have checked everything!

1. We are sure no other version or objects of SQL Anywhere exists on the computer

2. We have run this directly from the SQL Anywhere\bin32 directory

If we run DBunload, it says it can't do this because of a newer version. The system has only been installed on this WIN2003 Server for a week! Nothing else is on it, there is no SQL Anywhere version other than 3867, It is also coming from a 3867 Deployment Wizard.

If I use DBENG12 or DBSRV12 ---- the database starts up without an issue! If I start it under SCJVIEW, the database starts without an issue! But, if I start it using DBUNLOAD, I get this message.

It only happens on WIN2003 and we've seen this on multiple WIN2003 boxes.

I know dbeng, dbsrv, scjview and dbunload are all part of 3867, The database is a V12 database.

We've uninstalled, reinstalled and rebooted the server., Same error. I know no other objects are in the path incorrectly because I am running it directly from the bin32 directory DOS prompt.

This works just fine on any other box but WIN2003.