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Solman 7.1 SP07 ChaRM Defaulting Business Partner

Hi All,

When Creating a Request for Change we would like to Default the CAB

BP entered in General Data to the Partner ID at The Approval Steps.

Is there a way to do this ?



BP CAB.png (94.7 kB)
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    Sep 04, 2013 at 01:23 AM

    Hi Denis:

    Back from vacation ...

    I am going to explain to you with a one approval step procedure but it applies to 2 steps and more.   I do apologize if I go too much into the pretty basic things, but that is also to help new comers in the area of CRM.

    1. Assuming you performed your approval process SPRO configuration, in the approval steps and the approval procedure, you define the use of the rule modelers:   AI_CM_AP_STEP, to decide who approves the respective step, and AI_CM_AP_PRO, to decide which approval procedure applies.

    2. Once you have that, then you need to jump into the web ui to the

    ... for which you need an security authorization of you do not have access to it.   If need that, please let me know and I will provide that info.

    ok, let's continue ...

    In that area you have to create 2 approval policies:

    2.1 AI_CM_CR_RFC_STE, to add all your rules for each transaction type and step. 

    It is a pretty complicated process the addition and manipulation of entries there.  There is no drag and drop.  You need to play around a lot with the different icons, some which work in edit mode some not.  For example, once you create a rule, the only way to change after saving it is with Edit > More > Edit release rule as draft.   You only make your changes there in the daft and when you are done, you save, Edit > More > Release Draft Rules.

    Also, if you need to create more rules for, e.g. for additional steps, you select the entry AI_CM_CR_RFC_STE and press the New button, which will create an inactive folder.  In there you add your rules with the New button and when you are done, you save that, Edit > More > Check Draft Rule and if things are fine, More > Release Draft Rules.  But, that leaves the newly created rule in the Inactive folder, still, so in order to place it in the active folder,  you need to select that new rule and press the copy button, then you move to where you should have your originally opened rule, which is supposed to be already in draft mode and press the paste button on the folder.  The new rule should be placed beside the original one you had.   Then you release the draft rule (Save > Edit > More > Release Draft Rules) ... and proceed to test. 

    Eventually after testing, you may need to delete all inactive folders from there.

    Kind of complicated, but I hope you get the idea ... a lot of playing around and patience.  Raise your hand whoever does not have to carry a load of patience to learn all this all over the map CRM configuration  😉

    Finally for your case you are using the same partner function CAB, so the rule is exactly the same for each step, with the difference that you assign a different step to each of the rules.

    I do not know if this helps or not, but attached also the AI_CM_CR_RFC_PRO.

    Hope this helps.

    Juan Carlos

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