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Former Member
May 22, 2013 at 05:44 PM

question regd. ebom to Plant specific mbom synchronization using PSS


Hi All,

I am synchronizing e-bom to m-bom using SAP PSS and it works fine. But, the problem our customer is facing is when we assign target plant for m-bom during synchronization. When, m-bom is created with plant assignment, PSS automatically extends all materials in BoM to that plant.

For instance:

E-Bom: TESTBOMSYNC, (no plant assignment to BoM).

BoM has 1 component 'MAT1'. Both materials, TESTBOMSYNC & MAT1, do not have any plant assignments.

Now, by using PSS, I am converting E-BoM to M-BoM and giving target plant as '0001'. Once, synchronization is complete, it gives success message as "Material is updated".

Now, if I display the materials in MM03, it has automatically extended materials to the new plants which is a problem for the clients.

Client wants to know, why system does not give any message or stops synchronization in this case? If we manually create an m-bom from e-bom, and assign it to a new plant, then system gives an error when any material is not having same plant assignment. Is there any configuration or method, by which we can put a check on this or manipulate this behavior?

I am considerably new in this topic and hope that have explained my question properly.

Thanks for the help in advance.