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May 22, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Connect Sync Parameters with Load Arguments - start Synch and Load (iOS)



i´m developing an iOS-SUP-App. At the moment i´m working on the task to give certain parameters to the backend-system (Load Arguments). I want to connect the Load Arguments with the Synchronization Parameters, set Synchronization Parameters in Objective-C and start a new Load from Backend and a new Synchronization from SUP to fill the device database with new data.

I think i know how to connect Sync Parameters with Load Arguments (in Sybase Unwired Workspace click on MBO --> Attributes --> Load Arguments, and define synchronization parameter value for certain argument). Please correct me if this is wrong?!

Now i want do define the Sync Parameters in the Code. I do this this way at the moment:

MBOSynchronizationParameters *syncParameters = [MBO getSynchronizationParameters];

syncParameters.parameter = @"ABC";

[syncParameters save];

What do i have to do next? start a new Load of Data from Backend to SUP and also start a new Synchronization? I´m not completely sure how to solve this problem and it would be great if someone could help me. I´m working with SUP 2.1.3!

Thanks in Advance