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May 22, 2013 at 07:29 AM

Pop-Up in decision rejection at both R/3 as well as Portal level.


Hi There,

We have one workflow, in which there is a decision task. On click to reject button we are displaying a pop-up using

FM CATSXT_SIMPLE_TEXT_EDITOR, which is called inside a method, and this method is getting called inside an

activity in workflow. For Rejection reason we are using Advance With Immediate Dialog.

Currently in R/3 when user is rejecting through decision step a pop-up is appearing where he/she can provide rejection text.

But when same decision step workitem is getting rejected from UWL, then this pop-up is not appearing, whereas a new workitem

for this pop-up is getting created, and when we are executing this workitem then pop-up is appearing.

But we don't want it in this way, we want this pop-up automatically appear once decision step workitem is getting rejected.

We tried with "UserDecisionHandler" at portal level, by keeping"UserDecisionNote" property as mandatory, but in that case

pop-up from R/3 needs to be removed. But we want pop-up at both the places, because user can approve either from R/3 or from EP

(UWL).Suggest us some way so that we can have pop-up at both the places, i.e;R/3 and EP at the time of rejection from Decision Step.