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May 22, 2013 at 06:21 AM

Reg. Stock Transport process in MRP


HI All,

I have a doubt in Stock transport scenario handled via MRP.

Once the PR is triggered in Demanding plant by MRP it creates PRQRel in Supplying plant and subsequent planned orders for PRQrel.

Is this the standard behavior of SAP.

But my requirement is the planned order in the supplying plant should get triggered only when the P.O (Stock transport order) is created in Demanding Plant which means the Ord DS in supplying plant by the MRP run.

Is there any setting available to meet this requirement?

The issue I am facing on the above behavior is some time the PR qty is modified while converting it to P.O in the demanding plant.

But I know any way the MRP will do the changes in the supplying plant in the subsequent MRP run. But my manual planning is getting disturbed.

Kindly throw some light.