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May 21, 2013 at 03:05 AM

Sales Order / Invoice Report


Hello All

I am having troubles creating a sales order and sales invoice. For whatever reason I get duplicate records when adding "Dscription" from RDR1 to the report. The key shared between RDR1 and ORDR is "DocEntry" Unfortunately I do not have access until Friday however I would like to go into work (work experience) with a rough idea of what is going wrong.

Tables used are RDR1, ORDR, OCRD

Report contains fields from ORDR and OCRD such as CardName, DocNum, Date etc field from RDR1 is Dscription which seems to be causing the problem. I have been able to suppress the duplicates using a formula however I cannot figure out a way to sum distinct records there must be a simpler way.

Sorry for the brief question, I do work exp once a week and dont have much time to research on site