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May 20, 2013 at 09:18 PM

[wcem-2] CRM Order Scheduled / Confirmed Lines Issue


Hello everyone,

I'm feeling lucky so I will share an issue I'm facing here, where my lack of knowledge of the underlying components renders me unable to resolve.

The issue:

Orders created with wcem may have some weird 'scheduled lines' marked in the 'Delivery' column in the checkout page. The display as 'Delayed' where it seems we have more than one 'schedline' for an item and the latestConfirmedDate is greater than requestedDeliveryDate.

Case we look into CRM, there is in fact two lines: the first line has the requestedDeliveryDate with requestedQuantity equals "X' and confirmedQuantity equals "0" - the second line is usually requestedDeliveryDate + 1 day and confirmedQuantity equals "X".

What I know so far:

I've seem a couple of notes at least which 'state' this is the 'standard' BUGGED behavior - but in fact, only one scheduled line should be created and confirmed since the same order is replicated to ecc - so this is what I aim for. I'm quite positive they use 'ecc atp' and it seems to be working in some cases while it doesn't for other cases. Also good to mention, there is no such issue in ecc directly (just crm orders created with wcem) which makes this exclusively 'wcem issue'.

Any help provided will be rewarded,