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May 20, 2013 at 05:37 PM

Extra OT process in HCM



Currently we are managing our attendance process through AVS and we are moving to HCM.. even though AVS is installed, we couldnt use it as we need. The issue is in our case ,some of our team and OT employees and the other and non OT employees.. every day for OT employees we are providing 3.5 hours normal OT hours and if they are working extra than their normal working hours we are paying as extra OT but the same we are managing manually using excel files. The process is that any extra OT hours other than the normal OT hours must be validated by the department heads once they approved we are updating our excel file for payroll

How can we manage this can in HCM am looking for a solution which allows the attendance managers to update the attendance as per the actual working hours (including the extra OT hours) the extra OT hours will not be available for payroll process unless the same is approved by HR... Can we set such rule in HCM so that every thing will be in SAP and HR can still control the process

Pls advise