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Sep 01, 2005 at 12:26 AM

Executing Lockbox program (RFEBLB00) as a background job


Hello all, I've a minor problem calling a SAP standard program. A batch job is scheduled to execute my custom program which in turn calls the program RFEBLB00 using the "Submit" statement. The problem is that an ST22 dump is listed after the execution of the program in the background due to a user screen being called. When the program is executed in the foreground there is no dump in ST22 so I'm confused as to what is causing the user screen to be called in the background.

Below is a listing of the error in ST22:

During background processing, the system attempted to send a screen to a user.

Current screen: "SAPMF05A " 0100.

I did a some research and found the user screen being referenced above is the FB01 screen. This screen is not displayed in the foreground when the program is executed.

Any suggestion on how to bypass this error would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I have played with the P_FUNCT parameter in the standard program by passing it a 'B'. This creates a batch input session which is not what is desired (This does not cause a ST22 dump). The default is 'C' (Call Transaction).

Thank you.