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Aug 31, 2005 at 11:54 PM

Eventing between iViews


I have a few custom iViews in iViews folder. I have created a page in pages folder. In that page, the iViews are laied out has iview1 (left), iview2(top and right), iView3(bottom of iView2 i.e at right of iView1), iView4 at bottom of iView1,Iview2 and iView3. I have another iView (i.e. iView5) not delta link with this page. iView1 have some links, when I click that link I want to replace iView1 by iView5, but rest of iViews (i.e iview2, iView3, iView4) should be as it is (means should not refersh). I know we have to use EPCF. But I use raiseevent, doNavigation methods. It is replacing entire cotent area, not one iView. Helpful answer will get more reward point. I need it in my project. Thanks.