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May 20, 2013 at 03:00 PM

Need help for comparing time(hr:min:secs) variants in Bex Query



I've been stuck with a requirement for how to proceed with it. Can you help me out in this? the following are the bex query i've generated:

Sales office
Order Number Order Count Order Cycle Time 1500 1011 1 2:04:09 1501 1012 1 1:04:55 1501 1013 1 00:04:34 1503 1015 1 4:08:08

From the above report, I need to add one more column which is Order < 2 Hrs. i.e., we have order number and order cycle time. I'll have to generate Orders count less than two hours based on Order number and order cycle time and the following is it's logic:

if (Order cycle time < 2 hrs)

then count(Order number)

The following is it's output:

Sales office
Order Number
Order Cycle Time
Order < 2 Hrs
1500 1011 2:04:09 0 1501 1012 1:04:55 1 1501 1013 00:04:34 1 1503 1015 4:08:08 0

Here order number is a dimension. Order cycle time is a formula variable having formula dispatch time - receipt time.

Here, basically I could not set condition for order cycle time. Because, Bex is not taking up it's time i.e., Order Cycle Time < 2 is not taking in Bex. Ideally if it's order cycle time < 2:00:00 seems to be accepted in BEx. But I don't find : option in Bex query.

Request you to please help me to do this report.

with Regards,

Antony Jerald.