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May 19, 2013 at 09:28 PM

Huge Solution Manager on Load Balanced Infraestructure


Hello forum,

We have to meet new goal related to a huge solution manager landscape, we are thinking to open more than one Productive Solution Manager for our OSS channel customers that user service like incident message with corresponding forwarding to SAP, system monitoring, RCA and mopz, more functionality planned for the future; and before spamming SAP AGS people trough supports message i prefer to share my question with solman community 😉.

Our problem is the load of working in a single Solution Manager is relay big, and i need to find the correct way to load balance solution manager services to allow a huge number of user work with that system without problems.

Do you know or work with more than one Productive Solution Manager and only one access for all customer's on a single domain ?

how you can redirect customers to a solmanA or solmanB trough SICF service ?

[Ask for SAP employers] - How do SAP for manage they own OSS service message ? how many solution managers do you use ?

A sample of the scenario can be something like that:

I found that information on forums, and googling but i i'm really interested on your opinion.

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that friend ask for something related like me


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