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Aug 31, 2005 at 09:37 AM

UDO (user defined object) and my form


Hello all,

I have a problems with UDO. I use SAP B1 2004C. I create table (object type = document) with two fields name,sname. I registred this table as UDO with id TES. Than i created a form this udo (no default form). This form has a matrix and two standard buttons. The matrix has two columns for filed name and sname. When i open the form i dont view my data in table. I cannot add new data. In table i have two lines, but in form i dont view this lines.

How can i make that i view data from UDO in my form? How can i make add new line after clic the button uid 1 "Add"?

The standard form for UDO has all functions, which i need on my form? How to make it?